Special Menus and Other Nice Dishes in Veranda Restaurant

Special Menus and Other Nice Dishes in Veranda Restaurant

Special Menus and Other Nice Dishes in Veranda Restaurant – Veranda Restaurant becomes one of the popular restaurants in Stark Ville. The restaurant is owned and operated by native of the location but the flavors are great. The restaurant is famous for its steak and people can get great quality of steak with premium cut and many options of cuts and sauces to be served with the steaks. As other restaurants that keep improving in providing the best dishes with great flavor, Veranda Restaurant also does the same things. One of them is to make collaboration with other restaurants and chefs. One of them is collaboration with Muriel’s Jackson Square restaurants. This is one of the well-known and best restaurants in New Orleans. In the collaboration and partnership, Veranda Restaurant will have guest chef and there is also executive chef of Muriel, Erik Veney.

Veney is great name in New Orleans. He is even titled as best chef in New Orleans and it is award given by New Orleans Magazine. Veney is not be alone in Veranda Restaurant but a companion help Veney. The companion is not just ordinary person. Richard Gratia is the companion who becomes the general manager and even wine connoisseur of Muriel. Through the partnership, Veranda Restaurant gets six-course meals and these are five-starred meals that surely are specials. With Richard Gratia, wines are prepared and he wines are matched with certain menus to create best combination of experiences. Veney prepares menu of hors d’oeuvres. It is menu consisting of fried oysters as the main dish. Then, it is accompanied by remoulade sauce. Its complexity of menu is increased with crème fraiche and spring rolls made of crawfish. The delicious menu is paired with wine. The wine is Kenwood 2003 sauvignon blanc. It is wine from Sonoma County in California.

For the second menu, Veney prepares roasted red pepper bisque. It is accompanied by brioche crouton and boursin cheese. Similar to the first course, it is paired with wine. The wine is Toad Hollow 2003 chardonnay from California. As for the third course, Veney has bronzed shrimp with cornbread and also green tomato chutney. This is simpler menus that the other twos. Of course, it has its own wine combination and it has Royal Bitch 2003 from France. There are still other nice menus from the collaboration with Venney and Richard Gratia. Dishes and wines are surely great combinations and people surely are interested to try the special occasions in the partnerships.

As for the other menus that have become main parts of regular lists, there are appetizers, salads, also main dishes. For the appetizers, Veranda Restaurant prepares mushrooms and artichokes that will be cooked in some ways to become great appetizers. There is menu consisting of mushrooms only or artichoke only, but there is also menu that combines these two main ingredients in the appetizers. As for the salads, greens are combined with chicken, salmon, and shrimps. Customers can choose the dishes among the menus of salads and appetizers. In fact, there is also special menu for kids. It is called Child’s Plate. This is menu dedicated for kids under 12 years old. The kids can have special portions of grilled chicken breasts. There are also spaghetti, penne, and ravioli. These are available in the regular lists of menu.

As for the main dishes, Veranda Restaurant has steaks. There are many cuts as the option, starting from the tenderloin, sirloin, T-bone, and rib eye steaks. All of them are cooked in special method by the chef and each menu has different options of sauces and vegetables as combinations. Salads are also served together as the options. However, Veranda Restaurant is not a restaurant with great menus of steak. There are also other choices of dishes that can be found. There are seafood, pastas, and chickens. As what is seen in the Child’s Plate, there are options of ingredients, and more variations can be found in the category of Dinner Entrees.

Lasagna and spaghetti becomes two basic options. For lasagna, it has beef and cheese. As for the spaghetti, it is served with meatballs or sausages. Then, there is also creamy pesto stuffed ravioli. This menu is rich with garlic flavor accompanied with parmesan cheese and butter sauce. Next, there is ravioli primavera. Cheese stuffed ravioli will be served with rich vegetables. The vegetables are red bell peppers, mushrooms, and dried tomatoes. Parmagiana is available with chicken. Chicken breast is baked tenderly in marinara and its served with mozzarella cheese and house pasta. In the category of seafood, there is jumbo scallop sauté. Combination of sautéed scallops and mushrooms are served with scallion, butter sauce, and garlic on top of linguini. There are also prawns and salmons in different menus. Veranda Restaurant surely has many variations of dishes that people will surely love to taste. People love the taste in each menu and that is why the restaurant can become popular, especially during special menus from the collaborations.